• Best dental clinic in mylapore
  • Best dental clinic in mylapore
  • Best dental clinic in mylapore
  • Best dental clinic in mylapore
  • Best dental clinic in mylapore

Flap Surgery

Periodontal Flap Surgery is a gum surgery done on understanding the deformity of the  periodontium (gums and bones) which is done when the pocket depth (space between the gum and teeth) is beyond the normal level. The idea of this therapy is to keep the periodontium in a stable and easily maintainable state. The pocket reduction surgery seeks to reduce the pocket depth by repairative or regenrative means or combination of both.

The procedure is done by making one more incisions on the site of interest and the flap is elevated to a level of visibility of root surface. The site is examined , microbial bio-film is removed ,irrigated well and the flap is re-positioned with sutures. By removing the microbial bio-film helps in the regeneration of the bone around the tooth surface and holding the tooth firm. In certain cases there is requirement of bone grafts and membrane. The healing process takes palce to about 4 weeks for the soft tissue completely and the bone formation is peak in the end of 3rd week.

Periodontal flap surgery requires an experienced and excellent periodontal consultant for the therapy to take place giving good result, Denteazee Multispecialty Dental Clinic provides the best Periodontist in performing the therapy providing  excellent prognosis. 

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