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  • Best dental clinic in mylapore
  • Best dental clinic in mylapore
  • Best dental clinic in mylapore

Gummy Smile Correction





  When you smile too much gum tissue is exposed. Sometimes the teeth are also exposed even when you are not smiling. The ratio of lips - gums - teeth isn't balanced. Fortunately your gummy smile can easily be corrected by a gummy smile correction.

Gummy Smile

If your gums are exposed because the upper lip is lifted too high when you smile then a Gummy Smile Correction could be the solution. It is not always because you have small teeth that the gums are exposed. Sometimes your teeth just look small because when you smile there is an imbalance between the gums and upper lip.

Possible causes of a gummy smile are:

  • 1. Over-developed elevation muscle of the upper lip
  • 2. The upper lip and the gums are joined too closely
  • 3. Excess gum tissue
  • 4. Undersized teeth

Possible treatments:

  • Gummy Smile treatment to loosen the join between the gums and the upper lip
  • Gummy Smile myotomy operation
  • Botox injections for the elevation muscle of the upper lip
  • Surgical correction of the gums
  • Cosmetic dentistry

A professional examination to determine the cause is the most important step to a pleasing end-result.

The Wellness Kliniek in Belgium offers the full range of gummy smile correction treatments - including cosmetic dentistry.

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