• Best dental clinic in mylapore
  • Best dental clinic in mylapore
  • Best dental clinic in mylapore
  • Best dental clinic in mylapore
  • Best dental clinic in mylapore


"Extremely satisfied with the service! Dr. Vimala Geetha has great knowledge in her field, and guides her patients the right way; very patient-friendly. "
 Ms.Varada Aniruthan 
"I had come to Dr. Babu with a very scared 4 year old who was terrified of the dentist, due to a bad experience earlier. But Dr.Babu was very understanding and made sure he instilled confidence in us. By the end of the treatment , we were very happy parents to see the dental issues of our young daughter rectified with least inconvenience. Dent Eazee clinic also has a very conducive environment for kids. I will recommend this place to every parent look for top quality dental treatment for their kids "
 Baby.Jennifer Ann Dipu 
    (Multiple Treatment Under GA).,
"  Though I came for my daughter's Orthodontic treatment, I casually had a check-up for my tooth which underwent Root Canal Treatment six months ago in Canada.As I did not have crown after Root Canat Treatment, I had to feel that my teeth is brittle and afraid to bite on that side.   Fortunately , the casual consultancy with Dr. Vimala and Dr. Babu lead me to wear crown on that teeth, with which I feel confident that I can bite even harder food.   The clinic is well maintqained and the staff are well informed and the patients are explained in detail about the treatment and the benefits. I'm sure to suggest my friends and relatives the "Dent Eazee" clinic.   I and my family wish the doctors and staffs further success and continued service to the people in need of Dental care. "
 Mr. Venkata Sudhakar 
"I did postpone doing my decayed tooth for a couple of years with the fear of pain and the after-effects. The pain became extremely excruciating this year and decided to find a dentist online. I did hesitate before my first visit at Dent Eazee, but since the day I came to the clinic, the doctors and the staff have been extremely patient and helpful in fixing my crooked teeth. Dr. Phani Babu and Dr. Vimala Geetha are experts when dealing with the patients and fixing the tooth issues in the easiest, painless and efficient way. They take more efforts than a conventional dentist does. Special thanks to Dr. Kathiravan who handled the complicated wisdom tooth extraction very efficiently. I would recommend anyone to visit the clinic who would want to get your tooth done in ease. "
 Ms. Anu Anbarasan 
    (Root Canal treatment & Zirconia Crowns).,
"I came here for braces and filling some cavities. Every process was well explained and executed perfectly. The doctors and staffs are very friendly and polite. "
    (Orthodontic Braces).,
"   It was really a very good experience getting dental surgery done for my kid. The surgery went on well and my son did not complained of any discomfort. We are very confident about Dr. Phani Babu's treatment. "
 Master . Suyash 
    (Multiple Treatment Under GA).,
"My two years old daughter was suffering from a tooth decay and she used to keep the food in the mouth for a very long period of time. we came to Dr. Phani Babu for consultation, he asked us to go for treatment immediately. we were very skeptical initially as to go or not. But then when we went for pulp therapy and fillings my daughter's eating habits improved drastically. She started to chew all the food items instead of gobbling. Also her fluid intake improved exponentially within a month of treatment. We thank the Dr. Phani Babu for his valuable advise post treatment and for the wonderful smile he has restored for my daughter. We are extremely happy for having chosen him                                                                                           Thank you "
 Baby.Pramiti Sriram 
    (Multiple Treatments Under GA).,
"I came here with some chain of serious tooth issues,which i kept neglecting.The diagnosis is "one step at a time".They don't jump directly into wrong conclusions.Dr.K.VIMALA GEETHA and Dr.M.PHANI BABU are really very patient enough to clear all my doubts.In fact i even learnt a bit of dentistry which i can proudly say! Thank you doc for restoring my smile back :-) "
 Ms.Kavinmathi - IIT Student 
    (Root canal treatment and zolid crowns).,
"I had a very good experience in terms of treatment .All the doctors were very good ,humble and yea very punctual.We would recommend every one for Dent eazee, who would be asking us any details about the best dentist in chennai. Kudos to the team ... :-) "
 Mrs. Jennifer Joseph 
    (Complete Dentures).,
"Very good experience with the Dr. Phani Babu....he took great care....he handled my kid with patience....very good Ambience too.... "
 Master. Abshiek 
    (Pediatric Dentistry).,
"Hi......        My memories and experiences with Dent Eazee has been such a memorable one. it has played a vital part in my life. i have spent 6 long years with dent eazee and it has almost become an inseparable `fate or destiny. They have not only helped me smile better But also helped me in boosting up my confidence. Their perfection, regularity and promptness in keeping up with the patient is fantabulous. Thanks for helping me to look better. Now i smile even more better with so much confidence at the future ahead.. Thanks a lot... will never forgot you ...  "
    (Orthodontic Braces).,
"Doctors were very informative. I liked the treatment approach. It is very clean in the hospital. Ceiling TV is innovative. Staff are courteous. "
 Mr. Bhargav 
    (Hawleys Appliance).,
"Sevice was good . Ambience , staffs are good as well "
 Patient. Athira 
"I never thought that my teeth needed much correction till Dr. Vimala Geetha pointed it out to me when I went to her for a routine cleaning. She made me feel very comfortable and showed me what my smile could look like without for a second making me feel self conscious about the way I already look. Once I took the plunge the visible change to my appearance was startling... In a fantastic way! The changes to my smile gave me a renewed sense if confidence which I need in my line of work where I'm constantly in front of the press. But the most impressive aspects of my treatment were not just the aesthetics. They were the impeccable pain management as well as the diligent follow up care that Dent Eazee carry out as a principle. After each session there werecalls from the clinic to ensure I was taking my medication, that I was in no discomfort, and that I was satisfied with that days treatment. I also noticed that this is the attention to detail given to each and every patient because I had personally seen Dr. Phani Babu make these follow up calls to not just his own patients but to Dr. Vimala's as well. I have come out of Dent Eazee not just with a dazzling smile (if I say so myself) but with a lovely sense of being pampered thoroughly by an efficient and empathetic team! "
 Mrs. Gitanjali Selvaraghavan , Film Director 
    (Smile Designing).,
"Thanks to Dr.Vimala for the best treatment.So satisfied in all the visits of the treatment process. Every time i come could see fullest perfection in the treatment i received. Greatly releived from pain. The hospitality at the clinic is really good. Thanks again "
 Mrs.Vidhya Meena 
    (Multiple Crowns).,
" Happy with treatment Followup is prompt Doctors are very nice Overall happy , but its expensive treatment "
 Mr.Sanjay Sharma 
    (Laser Dentistry & Composite Restoration).,
"The care and explanation for each question and doubts were excellent. They both showed professionalism as well as the love for their work in each of the work they do. Passion and gentleness shows in every gesture. Even when faced with complications, got the work done without compromise as well as explained the fact without blemish. Provided on time to the extent possible. I was explained all the options available for the treatment and suggested the best option with again detailed explanation. Most of all the after care required as well was very well spelt out. "
 Mrs.Preethi Rajagopalan, Australia. 
    (Noble active Implants - Zolid Zirconia Crowns).,
"Hi, Very excellent dental centre I am very much satisfied with the treatment. "
 Mrs.Kamatchi Srinivasan, Home maker. 
    (Fixed Orthodontic Treatment).,
"Excellent treatment done by Dr.Vimala Geetha... she was very kind in saying what the problem is, and left the choice with me in matters of treatment plan. On the whole the total environment and staffs made sure that am comfortable. Completely satisfied. Heartiest thanks to Dr. Vimala mam. "
 Mrs.Rinitha, Home maker 
    (Root Canal Treatment & Zirconia Crown).,
"Respected Sir & Madam, it was a good experience getting my teeth treated by you.Thank you for everything.   "
 Mrs.Vidhya Anirudhan, School Teacher 
    (Multiple Dental Implants , RCT , Crowns).,
"Wonderful treatment & incredibly caring doctors.Their attempts to make the patient feel comfortable & at case are to be much appreciated. Thanks for everything. Surely to be recommended to others. "
 Ms.Sree Dharshini, Student PSBB Millenium 
    (Fixed Orthodontics Treatment, Implants, esthetic fillings.).,
"To whomsoever if may concern My experience at this DENT EAZEE has been very pleasant. Every one at this centre are very courteous and caring. When i entered this place, it was casual and for enquiry about the facilities here. But when Dr.Phani Babu explained to me about the present condition of teeth , i was so convinced and spontaneously agreed for his proposal. Thanks to Dr.M.Phani Bbau and Dr.K.Vimala Geetha for the services rendered. I am leaving the hospital with satisfaction. Let the same services continue. God Bless you "
 Mr.Ramakrishna Raju, Retd Professor 
    (Root Canal treatment & Crown).,
"I wish to thank Shri.Phani Babu and madam Vimala for a nice hospitality given. It was a wounderful experiance that i had for the last one and half years which i never forget in my life. This is the place where we can set good treatment for dental treatment problems and especially for ortho treatment. I have got teeth now so i can smile without any problem and it is awesome to see my teeth in the mirror. This hospital is treating each and every patient very nicely.So we will not feel this place as strange one.  Once again thanks to Vimala Madam & Phani babu sir for nice and lovable treatment. And also wanted to thank other staff members for the nice reception "
 Mr.Rajendran, Banking sector 
    (Ortho Treatment).,
"I have been visiting Dent Eazee for the past 2 months for my dental issues. Dr.Babu and Dr. Vimala attended me with utmost care and gave a clear picturisation about my problem and resolution to overcome the same. Also i have undergone a surgery for removal of teeth in which Dr.Kathiravan & Dr.Ilavazhagan  performed the surgery with great patience. I strongly recommend Dent Eazee to all my friends. Thank you all for the wonderful guidance which i got for the past 2 months & advance thanks for the upcoming days. Last i would like to thank the assistants who were very caring and helped me throughout this process     "
 Ranganayaki, IT professional 
" This dental centre recommended by Dr. Hishamudeen Papa and we are happy of the service and medications we received. will recommend my friends to do consultation and medications from this centre. I hereby thank to Dr.Babu for his services. "
 Mohamed Shafiu 
" Very much satisfied with the work of Dr. Vimala and Dr.Babu , they have done such a great job with my friend Abdulaziz from Riyadh - Saudi Arabia ; they have been very flexible in the appointments and have continuously worked hard to finish his entire treatment within 48 hours with best quality of crowns. Thank you for bearing with us and thumbs up for the Hollywood smile. "
 Ms. Hanae Errhouni & Mr.Abdulaziz Alsubaih 
    (Saudi Arabia).,
" It was just an accident that i entered Dent Eazee for enquiry of an implantation. I was surprised that the basic steps for implantation was completed for me on the same day i entered the clinic things were planned such that all necessary procedures were completed before 3 weeks as i was travelling abroad. Appointments were given at times which were comfortable for me. Above all Dr.Vimala Geetha and her husband Dr. Babu were really kind and knew how to handle the patients. I an extremely happy that i choose them "
 Mrs. Jayalakshmi, IT professional USA 
"Hello..I  have come here  to correct my gummy smile,I got it corrected in a weeks time and we are so happy about the result.I should definetly say about Dr.Babu and Dr.Vimala,they where so caring and kind.They where so understanding and concerned.They explained all the possible treatment options and where more cautious about the treatment out come than us.They are the best dentist i have ever met so far. Thanks for showing more kindness apart from treatment.We are so happy about Denteazee...   "
 Suganya, IT professional 
    (Gummy Smile corretion).,
" This dental clinic is one of the great place for all people. The clinic atmosphere is also too good and very peaceful for all if anyone having critical problem in our teeth or gum problems means easily it will be cured because my dad also having lot of problem in his mouth but after consulting Dr.Vimala Geetha, she instructed about my father`s condition and about the gum surgery. In particular days we will finish the treatment and followup the reviews also. Now he is 100% feeling great and then I will recommend some patients to her. Hereafter I will recommend so many patients to Dr.Vimala, thank you for the great job and keep moving!!!!! "
 Preethi D/O Mr Sathyadasan 
    (Treated for Oral Cancer).,
" I had a very good team of Doctors who are very good and dedicated.Very helpful and encouraging and consouling with their words.They never let me in pain.All the Doctors Dr.Phanibabu,Dr.Vimala Geetha,Dr.Steffy,Dr.Prasad,Dr.Prathyusha all the Doctors did a very good team work.People like me from foregin country feel at home. It was never like we are in diffrent country.We will recommend our people back home to get their treatment done in this clinic.Doctor was so flexible didnt force anything about the payment.All the Doctors were very friendly.They did not do anything according to their comfort,they did our treatment on the time we were comfortable with.The clinic environment was very good hygine.Every time they wher only considered about our comfort and wellness.No kind of pressure was felt by us at any point during the course of the treatment.Doc.explained each and every treatment prior to anything done.Doc.at each and every time call back to us and keep monitoring our progress and comfort. "
    (Full Mouth Rehabilitation under concious sedation).,
" Ahaana was very comfortable getting her tooth filling done here.. very soothing ambience too.. thank you.. "
 shveta sarin 
    (General Anesthesia -Fillings and Crowns).,
" Awesome place and good work by the doctor Everybody do visit right place for your teeth and kids they will love it  Susheel Raj "
 Susheel Raj 
    (Treatment done - Scaling and Polishing).,
" I loved the way the doctor explained me..i liked the clinic atmosphere it was too friendly.the treatment was also well done for me.over all i liked the service... "
 Shally Joseph 
    (Treatment performed-Root canal and crowns).,
" My experience in denteazee was vry good.doctor vimala did ortho treatment for me ....the way she explained to me about the treatment was easy to unstand .her way of approach to me was comfortable..she told me in detail about all advantage as well as disadvantage which will be faced during the phase of treatment and tat made me trust my doctor .i will recommend my frnds to this clinic "
    (Treatment Performed-Orthodontics braces).,
" I came from Srilanka.Very good service.They have a good team consisting of Dr.Vimala and Dr.Babu.They explained me the procedure before treatment.I done a root canal and extraction of tooth.Doctors were too punctual in their timings. All the best. "
 Nirusankar Raventhiran 
    (Root Canal Treatment and crowns).,
"Dr phani babu is excelllent Although words cant decribe his personality But even though "
 Hakim Bharalkku 
    (Full Mouth Rehabilitation under General Anesthesia).,
" Good environment.Through checkups. Satisfied with treatment. "
    (Full Mouth Rehabilitation-Sleep Dentistry).,
""Initially I Was Very Doubtful About The Treatment How It Would Come Then After The Suggestions Given By The Doctor I Have Prepared My Mind To Go With The Treatment .After The Completion Of Treatment It Was Quite Amzing And Has Really Come Out Well .Fully Satisfied And Happy Now..... Thanks For Evrything" "
    (smile desighning).,
""Dr.K.Vimala Geetha And Dr.M.Phanibabu were very friendly and very approchable. I have never felt so comfortable with a doctor like this before. Dr.M.Phani Babu did a procedure for my daughter Rachel who is 7 Years Old .Some fillings cap and stuff. Dr.Phani Babu was very concerned and did a fabulous job and I had my fillings and Root canal and Cap Done By Dr.Vimala and again she was so very friendly and did a awesome job. Very satisfied with my visit here and will continue to come here and will also recommend Dent Eazee." "
  Aruna Roopan (U.S.A) 
    (Treatment performed-smile designing).,
"I had been to Dent Eazee – Speciality Dental Centre, Besant Nagar, Chennai and consulted with Dr.Vimala Geetha and Dr. Phani Babu for tooth ache and sensitivity.  The staffs in the centre where very kind and cooperative.  At first, the doctor explained me about the current Dental Health status the treatment required for corrective actions and recommended dental practices to maintain good oral health.  The centre and the doctors have done everything to possible make going to the dentist a great experience, from a serene atmosphere, the very best equipment and the newest technology, besides audio visual to help you relax even during the surgical procedures. I had remarkable services for dental scaling and gingival and curettage.  Later I also took my children for the dental consultation and the doctors offered best treatment to them too.  This centre is a one stop shop for dental treatments.  I recommended them to family and friends, and everyone who think about best dental services. "
 Suresh kumar 
    (Research Manager, Toxicology Johnson & Johnson Ltd. Treatment performed-gum surgery).,
"Came into the clinic almost by mistake but after a week, I go away perfectly satisfied with my new sparkling white mouth. Professionality and patience among all the staff makes the experience of being a patient at Dent Eazee both comfortable and cheerful. "
 Matteo Squilari 
    (Tourist from Italy).,
"Treatment at Dent eazee was done in a professional and caring way. After finishing the treatment, I feel confident in all actions, comfortable and satisfied. And thankful to all the staff, which in all times were attentive and made every effort to be flexible to my needs. Thank you very much. "
    (Tourist from Israel).,
"I am Dr.Tamilarasi, It is Very nice to here (Very Nice Atmosphere).  Interior work is very nice.  My Doctors (Dr.Phani Babu, Dr.Vimala) both are very sweet & friendly.  Thank You very much for my beautiful smile. "
  Dr. Tamilarasi., 
    (Treatment performed- smile desighning).,
"We are Dr.M. Phanibabus patient, we are very much satisified with his excellent treatment as well we felt friendly and homely atmosphere in his clinic and with his guidence and good counseling. we were absolutely out of fear with his treatment and soothing words. "
    (Treatment performed -full mouth rehabilitation under general anesthesia).,
"The treatment iam undergong for past one month is fabulous .the doctors are treating me very well .most importantly they are understanding the pain of the patient which i feel very comfortable.the hospitality is very nice .thank you for giving me an oppurttunity to tell about denteazee     "
 Mrs.Hemashree Jaishankar  
    (Treatment performed- orthodontic braces).,

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